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This Is Why People Are Turning To Herbal Remedies

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Nowadays there’s a pill for almost everything. Depressed? Here, take 2mgs twice a day. Ironically, most antidepressants such as SSRIs come with a “side-effect” warning against having suicidal thoughts.

There may be a pill for everything, but there still isn’t one for cancer. There are also two other pills we do not have; that is, pills for “anti-side-effects” of the pills you’ve just ingested. Nor is there a magical “anti-addiction pill” for the one you’ve been on for a minor back pain ten years ago.

It is evidenced that this generation is becoming more and more awakened by the appealing and untapped healing powers of natural, organic herbs.

The reason why so many people today want a herbal option is because they want a healthier life, with fewer side-effects than what drugs produced in the ‘70s and ‘80s introduced. — Drugs use chemicals that affect the neurotransmitters of the brain, which make it very difficult to formulate a drug with no side-effects. 

That’s why choosing to use natural, herbal remedies have almost no side-effects and no serious ones. This choice has been an active one, according to the fiscal records and the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for herbal supplements, detailed in a lengthy report by Research and Markets, which shows that in just six years, there will be a CAGR of 8.4%, totalling a $110.5 billion

This amount is staggering on its own and speaks about the culture of today’s consumer. The trend to “go green” has been, in the last decade, a theme not only aimed at reducing carbon emissions and asbestos-removal, but also in the fight at eradicating certain drugs such as Lethyl (Phenobarbital), which was a common drug given to epileptic patients, and is now slowly being removed from the neurologist’s script since the drug’s effectiveness for epileptic patients has, though helped in reducing brain-wave activity, proved to have long-term addictive side-effects as well as memory-loss. 

However, the idea to eat healthier and to use herbal remedies can be traced even as far back as five millennia; and in one manuscript, the Bible, in which it is written in Psalm 104:14, “….and herbs [given by God] for the service of men.” Two thousand years ago, we have the Gospel writer, John, speaking in Chapter 19 about aloes, which were used to embalm the dead, and which were used to help heal inflamed skin. Today, modern creams use aloe extracts to improve the health of the skin and to inhibit swelling and inflammation. 

WonderNut, a South African company, has taken heed of this necessary in utilising the potent properties found in herbs in its organic form. This company has introduced a range of products from losing weight, helping in building the immune system, soothing, anti-inflammatory cream, anti-ageing cream, an anti-cancer complex and many other health-boosting, organic products. 

In ground-breaking research, it was shown by the many participants in one of the studies that the choice to go herbal was due to “dissatisfaction with conventional treatment, past good experiences, positive aspects associated with herbal medicine”.

Furthermore, The Market Watch, a reputable research publication, released a recent account of the exponential growth in herbal remedy product purchases, showing how people all over the world, including South Africa, are turning to herbal remedies rather than conventional therapies.

National surveys throughout the US as well as in Germany, show that there is an increase in the interest and understanding of the importance of using herbal therapies rather than chemical or pharmaceutical options.

The Business Wire has also shown that current trends include:

  • Increased consumer awareness for preventative healthcare by using herbal remedies
  • Herbal supplements are taking a stronghold in dentistry 
  • Multi herbs gaining a greater demand.

It seems that people today are more health-conscious and want the best options available without the drowsing side-effects, especially those that are synthesised in the liver. This growth, according to the experts and studies shown above, will continue to grow.

Just as the mind-set of the people living during the great push of the drug wave, in which times people also hadn’t considered cigarette-smoking as a danger as we do today, the mind-set of the consumer today has also changed, becoming more and more open to the powers and wonders contained in organic, herbal treatments such as those manufactured and sold by WonderNut.


Written by: Claudio Milo


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